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    WSDL URL location to provide for Add to Registry

    Franco Opperman Newbie

      After successfully creating my EJB Module in Netbeans 5.0, Adding my Web service, adding operations and deploying my web service to JBoss 4.0.3SP1 or JBoss 4.04CR2, I am now suppose to provide a WSDL location for the web service in order for web service clients to find my web service.

      This is normally done by right clicking on the web service and selecting Add to Registry... and providing the WSDL location. However I do not know what to provide or where to look and the default does not work.

      Normally when deploying to the Sun Server, I provide something similar to http://localhost:runningPort/... and then provide the Endpoint Address URI as found in sun-ejb-jar.xml of the web service, something like HiWS/HiWS?WSDL, and it works fine.

      Where can I set, or find the WSDL location for JBOSS AS?

      Help greatly appreciated.