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    fast deployment

    Holger Niklas Newbie

      Hello, I am using jboss from within netbeans which works except for that every time I change a jsp I need to repackage and deploy the war file which
      takes much longer time than when using netbeans with tomcat. When using
      tomcat I could change a jsp and the change was reflected immediately
      without having to repackage. Is it possible to setup netbeans with
      jboss so that one doesn't have to redeploy when changing in the jsp
      files? How?



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          Libor Kotouc Newbie

          NetBeans does not support this kind of deployment. It creates archive file and copies it into the deploy directory.

          You could theoretically place your project directory directly in the deploy directory but this is rather a hack than a workaround and you must be very carefull when undeploying etc.

          I don't recommend it but it can be a way how to go around the limitation when some particular problem is being solved, definitelly it is not a right way for a long-term development.