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    Suggestion Box and entities

    Amit Bafna Newbie


      I am displaying a list of companies and its details using data table. One of the columns is contact id, which I am currently displaying as a drop down for each row. Using seam's select items and convert entity tag, I am setting the companies contact id object directly from the drop down.

      Now, the list of users is increasing and getting to a point where it is too long to browse thru to select a user.

      My question is that is there a way I can get a filtered list by typing first few letters of user name from which I can select and set users object to company's contact id?

      <rich:column id="contactIdCol">
       <h:selectOneMenu value="#{company.contactId}">
       <s:convertEntity />
       <s:selectItems var="user" value="#{company.userses}"
       label="#{user.username}" noSelectionLabel="Select Plant Contact..."/>
       <a4j:support </h:selectOneMenu>

      Thanks in advance,