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    nb5.5-jboss4.x usage

    Mike Danese Newbie

      I've been using nb5.5 with jb4 as target server (dev env on windowsXP) about 4 months now. I have some issues, most expensive one is in re-depoying my webapp: a self-contianed war, deployed on tomcat. Scenario is: I make a change to a jsp or javascript or cssstyle or java src, then redeploy by right-click on "Projects-->redeploy project" ( side note: under standalone tomcat, changes to jsps and javascript do not require redeployment. Can this be achieved in my jboss4 setup??)
      After the redeploy, my changes are acessible in a new browser session with my webapp. However, after I redeploy 4-5 times, the entire netbeans freezes up ( memory related I'm sure. I notice for each deploy jboss creates a new webapp in jb/../server/tmp/deploy -and does not delete the previous one ) and hangs, needs to be killed from "Task Manager", restarted.
      This is a real deadline killer, does anyone have advice for me or tips on what I may be doing wrong??
      thanks for any help. md