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    Question on rich:calendar

    Eric H Novice

      I'm using the rich:calendar component, and trying to display some values inside of it, using it "organizer style". Here's what I'm doing:

      <rich:calendar id="calendar"
       popup="false" showApplyButton="false"
       cellWidth="150px" cellHeight="150px"
       boundaryDatesMode="none" showWeeksBar="false"
       <h:panelGrid columns="1">
       <h:outputText value="{day}" />
       <h:outputText value="{data.someProperty}" />

      Ok, that works, but here's my question: What's {day} ? These aren't value references like I would use in Seam, like #{day}. In fact if I use #{day} or ${day} it doesn't work. Further, let's say that one of my data values is a list, and I try to use an interator, like:

      <ui:repeat value="#{data.someList}" var="x"> ....

      That doesn't work.

      Any suggestions on this? I don't really understand what is going on here.

      By the way, I also tried to put a drag support component inside a calendar cell, hoping that I could create some ability to drag items from one day to another, and that gave some syntax errors in the parser.