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    Proposal for alternative WSRP transport layer


      Chris has issues to make JBossWS working with JDK 1.4 and the JBossWS backport. I am confident that resolving this is just a matter of time.

      However this is a showstopper for us and I propose to use another invocation layer that use the same HTTP wire :

      1/ Use the WSDL generated objects, make them implement java.io.Serializable
      2/ Implement the consumer using jakarta HttpClient
      3/ Implement the endpoints using a servlet (or several)

      A request is made from the client to the endpoint using :

      1/ a specific parameter in the query string : /myendpoint?method=getMarkup

      2/ serialise the array of argument in the body of the http request
      3/ serialize the response in the http client response

      Simply put : make a WSRP RPC without using the SOAP layer.

      The benefit is that the client can force the http cookie in order to keep the same client session on the endpoint which is something we need.

      Later we can switch back on the SOAP stack.

      The benefits we have :

      1/ easy to develop
      2/ can be used as an alternative layer (even later)
      3/ it does not block us until the soap issue is resolved
      4/ two person can work in parallel : one on the wsrp invocation, the other on the SOAP stack setup with all the marshalling issues that we will probably have to clear.

      Does it make sense ?