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    Is WSRP transport agnostic?

    Anil Saldanha Master


      Based on the above conversation occurring in the WS user forum, I had a doubt as to whether wsrp spec is transport agnostic. This is because the WS messages can be transported over http, smtp, jms etc.

      The reason I raise this is if we have a perspective of wsrp tied into http (with the concept of obtaining the servlet request/response), it may be difficult to adapt wsrp to other protocols (if need be).

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          Chris Laprun Master

          I would say that WSRP is "theoretically" transport-agnostic. However, as I pointed in the topic linked to in Anil's message, some methods of WSRP are not. Plus, WSRP is used a portal environment most of the time so HTTP is the preferred transport by default. I am not aware of WSRP use cases over other transports...

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            my humble opinion is that :

            1/ wsrp is transport agnostic.

            2/ there is a mismatch between specifications : the Servlet specification and the Portlet specification.

            The way to solve it would be to develop or have a tomcat connector that the portal could use to perform a request dispatch in the right servlet container using provided request/response. I believe it exists (I discussed with Remy one time).

            However there is no J2EE / JEE5 portable solution to that today.

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              and I add that the current solution we have based on the servlet filter is the most portable we have accross servlet containers.

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                Anil Saldanha Master

                Julien writes:

                A blog entry from Subbu (BEA representative on Portlet 2.0 and probably architect of BEA Portal) :
                at the end he drops a few lines on the debate wether WS client can be transport agnostic or not. He explains why this is not the case with WSRP :
                "For starters, a WSRP producer is a web service that can be used to view/invoke portlets. In the J2EE world, portlets mostly run on top of the servlet container. For a WSRP producer to be able to interact with the servlet runtime, it needs access to servlet request and servlet response. So, most WSRP producer implementations out there use some internal/proprietary APIs to get hodl of these objects from the servlet container."