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    ProducerRegistrationRequirementsImpl listener



      I saw that you added a listener mechanism on ProducerRegistrationRequirementsImpl. I see also that it is not used so far, but I need to know how it is going to be triggered and the use case.

      The major issue I see with it is that if you update on configuration locally, the changes will only be seen by the listeners in the same VM and will not be replicated on the cluster.

      Please tell me what you have in mind and we should see if we can do it differently so the scenario would work in a cluster.

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          Chris Laprun Master

          It's actually used by the RegistrationManager to be aware of changes made to the registration configuration of the producer since we need to invalidate the Registrations when registration properties are changed. I wanted to avoid having to couple RegistrationManager and ProducerRegistrationRequirements so I thought I could use a listener mechanism. Have to admit I didn't think of the cluster issue.