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    Resend post data

    Gavin King Master

      Right, this popup shows in IE, but not in firefox. Maybe there is a way, I'm not sure. It's really a question about HTML and IE, I guess.

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          Ilya Elterman Newbie

          This is not exactly about HTML, browser shows this window on page reload each time when the current page was recieved as an answer for the request with the post data.
          And it appears in most popular browsers, and in firefox (at least on Windows) I am using as well.
          Although the solution seems to be pretty easy - just do the http redirect after the processing the post data to the same page (although I am new to JSF and not sure how to do send back redirect header instead of rendered page). And the seam will do all the job preserving the correct state.
          You could consider adding this to the demo making it work even better.

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            Thomas Heute Master

            So i guess the "redirect" tag when defining navigation rules should be enough.

            Right Jacob ?

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              "thomas.heute@jboss.com" wrote:
              So i guess the "redirect" tag when defining navigation rules should be enough.

              Right Jacob ?

              JSF works off of posts, to preserve data integrety (hence the warnings). A redirect could be used, but you would lose the conversation state-- leaving the data integrity behind that JSF components enforce.

              You are right in saying that a redirect might be nice, but the demo is meant to show off conversations-- which would defeat the purpose of being an example. Also, I don't know if communicating back a redirect, losing state, and then directing the browser to a different page would be the most efficient approach.