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    JIRA: Multiple @Roles Feature Request (64)

    Juan Acosta Newbie

      While issuing a new Feature Request about the Internationalization of Validation Messages I found this feature posted by Gavin King. I find it very important that it be implemented.

      Currently, a component class cannot be multiple components.

      If we introduce this:

      @Roles({@Role(name="currentUser", scope=SESSION), @Role(name="user", scope=CONVERSATION)})

      Then that problem would be fixed.

      This is a very serious limitation to JBoss Seam. EJBs should be reusable components, if they area stuck to only one context in Seam, there reusability would be affected.

      Another question: ¿What if I would like to use my components outside of seam? Do I have to modify the code and strip them of all Seam annotations? (I fear that the answer is yes).