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    Business model and Seam dependency

    pbzdyl Newbie


      I am new with Seam, but I have one serious doubt about forcing dependency on Seam in the business model classes.

      For example, I have this kind of project:
      demo.par - just business model classes (POJOs) with EJB3 annotations
      demo.ejb3 - business layer with data and business operations
      demo.war - web interface based on the JSF.
      demo.jar - Swing interface for the system.

      I create demo.ear with files:
      demo.par, demo.ejb3, demo.war and seam libraries.

      As I understand, demo.par has to have annotations from Seam library. Is that mean that I have to include Seam library in my Swing application to make GUI application work? If this is the case I think this is not a good solution, because Seam is not logically connected with my Swing project.