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    When can we expect SeamIDE & "Seam In Action"?

    Eric McIntyre Newbie

      So I've been looking at Seam for the past couple of days. Looks really nice, very promising. Should provide a great model for all kinds of apps. Thanks for the great work!

      Two non-technical questions have come to mind:

      1) I understand Gavin is probably busy with the next edition of HIA (which, I understand, includes EJB3 support), but is there any plan for a "SIA" book?

      2) Will there be a new feature added to the JBossIDE for Seam development (component wizards, diagrams, that kind of thing)?


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          Gavin King Master

          1) actually christian is doing most of the work on HiA2. We do plan to write a book titled "Seamless Enterprise Java" about Seam/EJB3/JSF.

          2) Absolutely, tool support is a central part of the vision. We will soon release an update to HibernateIDE that allows reverse engineering of an entire Seam application, much along the lines of what Rails has.