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    Alternative to annotating Entity beans as SEAM components?

    Patrick Angeles Novice

      It seems to me that annotating entities with @Name and @Scope requires some foresight as to how the entity beans will be used in the business layer. This creates problems when, say, I have an Address entity, and a Person entity with a billingAddress and a shippingAddress, and further, I want to have the option of entering addresses either on the same page or on different pages (wizard style) without having to worry about how the "Address" class was annotated on the persistence layer.

      Right now, if I have one guy working on the UI and another on the persistence layer, and the persistence guy scoped Address to the eventContext, the UI guy is pretty much out of luck if he wanted to enter billingAddress and shippingAddress on different pages within one SEAM conversation.

      Might there be another approach to doing this? Maybe using an XML mapping? I love annotations and all, but in this case it XML might make some sense.