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    Why getNames() in StatelessContext throws UnsupportedOperati

    Amin Abbaspour Newbie

      Hi again,
      I'm a newbie to Seam. Sorry for various questions. Can anyone explain this code in org/jboss/seam/contexts/StatelessContext.java to me.

      public String[] getNames() {
       throw new UnsupportedOperationException();

      Is it becuse we bind every thing in InitialContext and don't know which one belongs to us after a while? See this:
      public void set(String name, Object value) {
       try {
       new InitialContext().bind(name, value);
       catch (NamingException ne) {
       throw new IllegalArgumentException("could not bind: " + name, ne);

      It my gesture is right, then don't you think we'd better find a solution for it?