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    Seam weird deployment problem

    Werner Punz Newbie

      I have a weird problem on my hands, I try to replicate the seam project structure on a bare myeclipse project.
      So far it looks good I managed to deploy an application successfully, as long as I pack it, but as soon as I try to deploy it unpacked
      with the
      war and ejbs as directories with their respectivie .war and .ejb3 endings I get following error:
      The jsf/jsp files are found, but as soon as I try to find a bean with the variable resolver I get a is not bound error message although jboss clearly indicates upfront that the bean is bound.

      There seems to be some kind of variable resolver bug probably.

      But as soon as I pack the project the vars are found and the whole system works as expected.

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          rpochet Newbie

          Try to do the same thing. In the first phase, it was not working "No active session ..." and HTTP 404, then I removed the defintion of the phase-listener in the faces-config.xml. Now I can get the first page but when I try to submit data, I got a "propertynotfoundexception". Beans are available in the jmx-console and components are also displayed in the console during deployment

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            Gavin King Master

            Guys, you will always need to give MUCH more information than that to be able to get help resolving problems.

            But in this case, you should simply try to reproduce the full structure of the deploment packages for the example apps.