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    Some Seam and JasperReports related questions

    drapierwimATgmailDOTcom Newbie

      I'm trying out jasperreports(for the first time...) and I must say it's not easy to find some good documentation, to leave that aside I have some problem where I could use some help.

      1, Is it possible to inject the 'ServletContext' if so how can this be done? This is needed to load my compiled report.

      File reportFile = new File(servletContext.getRealPath("/reports/classic.jasper"));

      2. When the report is generated I have an byte arry, since seam components will have a string as return value I will never get to see my report. So this will have to be an JSF Managedbean or are there other ways to deal with that.

      byte[] pdf = JasperExportManager.exportReportToPdf(jasperPrint);