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    JSF - SelectItem list

    Martin Henderson Newbie

      Hi folks,
      Looking for some help.

      I have a selectManyListBox that I'm trying to populate from a function :

       public List getAgentItems()
       Query query = propertyDatabase.createQuery("from Agent");
       List<Agent> agents = query.list();
       agentItems = new ArrayList();
       for (Agent agent : agents)
       agentItems.add(new SelectItem(agent.getName()));
       return this.agentItems;
       public String[] getAgents()
       return searchAgents;
       public void setAgents(String[] agents)
       this.searchAgents = agents;
       private Session propertyDatabase;
       private List<SelectItem> agentItems = null;

      however each time the function gets called the session is null.... it just doesn't seem to be getting created in time for the function call.
      the jsf looks like:
       <h:selectManyListbox value="#{propertySearch.agents}">
       <f:selectItems value="#{propertySearch.agentItems}"/>

      hope someone can point me in the right direction.... thanks!