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    data injection from h:dataTable

    Micha? ? Newbie

      Hello everyone!

      I have problem updating fields of entitie beans. I have a page which contains dataTable jsf-component, with one inputText field, I insert some data into. I got also link-cell which fires update to the backing session bean:


      <h:dataTable id="animals" value="#{animals}" var="anima">
       <f:facet name="header">
       <h:outputText value="type" />
       <h:inputText id="type" value="#{anima.type}" />
       <h:commandLink id="changeData" action="#{manage.update}" value="Change"

      Animal is simple entity bean defined this way:
      @Table(name = "animal")
      public class Animal implements Serializable
       private String type = "";
       public String getType()
       return type;
       public void setType(String type)
       this.type = type;

      The manage object is session bean described this way:
      @Conversational(ifNotBegunOutcome = "main")
      @Local( { Manage.class })
      public class ManageBean implements bussiness.Manage, Serializable
       @PersistenceContext(unitName = "manager", type = PersistenceContextType.EXTENDED)
       protected EntityManager em;
       private List<Animal> animals;
       private int animalIndex;
       public String update()
       Animal animal = this.animals.get(this.animalIndex);
       return "end";
       public String obtainAnimals()
       this.animals = (List) this.getAnimals();
       return "success";
       public Collection getAnimals()
       animals = em.createQuery("from Animal a").getResultList();
       return animals;

      obtainAnimals is called from the index.jsp page and redirects to the table.jsp. Everything renders fine, I can see content of my database. I change the value in input text of the animal type in my web-browser. When I press my changeData link, update method of the ManageBean is fired. I obtain entity bean to animal local variable, which represents the row I've chosen in the browser. And then the problem appears - bean contains its old values - no new values inserted in the form. Besides, the new values don't apear enywhere later. Why the component isn't updated before the update call? Haven't I bound it properly?

      Thanks in advance for help