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    JSF 1.2 and seam

    David Keeley Newbie


      We have a custom XUL render kit for JSF 1.2/facelets and ejb3 beans behind it. We deploy this in jboss by upgrading its standard \jsf-libs fodler. While I know seam currently only supports JSF 1.1, I am trying to get it working in this mix. When it deploys I can see the ejb jars being scanned and the seam components being discovered ok. But get this error:

      javax.servlet.ServletException: /prototype/codes/find.xul @14,81 value="#{codeMaintenance.searchString}": Target Unreachable, identifier 'codeMaintenance' resolved to null

      Does anyone have experience of if this is possible?
      Anyone from seam team have a suggestion that may enable us to limp along until such time the standard seam release supports JSF 1.2.

      Thanks in advance.