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    create=true as default of a component type (not for @In)

    ryan dewell Novice

      A while back I suggested that create=true be the default for @In. Gavin didn't think that would be very safe -- after further use I'd have to agree. create=false makes sense as the @In default.

      However, I can't get around the fact that in my use there are several component beans that are just "made to exist". It doesn't make sense that they don't exist. So I'm always having to specify create=true when they are injected which seems odd.

      I'd like to suggest making a new optional parameter to @Name that allows the component itself to specify its *default* injection creation behavior. So if "create" is not specified in the @In value, Seam will default to whatever is specified in this optional @Name parameter.

      Seems like the best of both worlds to me.. :)