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    Seam in more than one tier

    Magnus Sandberg Novice

      I have just started to play a bit with seam and I have a questions on how to best use seam.

      If I want to divide my application i two layers/tiers how do I do that? What I want to do is to have the webapp in one server and the business layer (ejbs) in one server. It seams a bit tricky to me to do this and still fully utilise the power of Seam. From what I can see the Seam-tagged objects must be in the same ear/classloader as the webapp?

      This question also, to some extend, has some impact on how to best set up a project in an IDE. Having a ant-script that builds one ejb3-jar, one war and then the ear seems like a long way around when I want to deploy during development and debugging. To me the best way is to deploy one ejb3-jar and one war but then we're back to question one - right?