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    Using Seam with Weblogic

    David Kjerrumgaard Newbie

      While reading through the following thread on TheServerSide.com :


      I came across the following entry from Gavin King :

      "In particular I'm wondering what BEA recommends their customers do if they are starting a new application now?

      Option 1: keep using EJB 2.1 for new development. Hmmmmm. Greaaaat option. I'll wait and let the giggles die down.
      Option 2: use Hibernate + Spring. Fine by me ;)
      Option 3: Switch to Oracle or JBoss. Fine by me ;)
      Option 4: not build any new applications, until BEA catches up

      Which option is it then John?

      P.S. We will soon release an EJB3 container that can be embedded in WebLogic, so this will add another option for WebLogic users."

      Can you comment on the status of the EJB3 container you mentioned? Is this the microcontainer that is part of the current Seam distribution?

      Gavin also suggested using the Hibernate EntityManager, but I don't see any examples in the current distribution. Is there someone out there that could provide an example or a simple "Getting Started" summary?

      Could someone provide a solution for those of us trapped in Weblogic land who don't want to wait for BEA to release an EJB3 compatible version since they are "a mainstream, responsible software company", that is waiting until the actual EJB 3 specification is final before releasing it to their customers.

      BTW, I want to deploy EJB 3.0 applications into production on a timescale of approx 6 months from now.