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    seam noejb startup times

    Werner Punz Newbie

      Is this normal that the seam noejb demo on a tomcat 5.5.12
      takes 88 seconds to start, while a normal tomcat takes around 8 seconds without seam.

      I am trying this currently on a cvs build and just wanted to know if this is the normal startup behavior for the booking noejb example.

      (to my knowledge myfaces takes around 3-4 seconds additionally so it must be somewhere in seam)

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          Martin Henderson Newbie

          hmm.... I certainly don't find any problems with startup time at all.... about 45 seconds till ready and thats with kicking off a number of my own applications in it.

          before we go on though.... a normal tomcat 'what' takes 8 seconds to start up?

          the seam applications have a lot of stuff to go through when kicking off... hibernate conf etc etc.

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            Andrew Atkinson Newbie

            On a bare tomcat config (ie no other webapps) I go from about 1 second to about 20 seconds with the noejb demo.

            Are you sure its not something simple like memory/cpu/io or VM options (ie -Xmx and friends)?

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              Werner Punz Newbie

              Yes I assume something in my configuration was/is hosed.
              I tried it on a second machine and now I am in the reported
              20 seconds timeframe, which is bareable ;-)

              Btw. I am impressed with it now, I implemented a small blogger
              in about two hours (one hour getting the example up and running
              so that I could put my code in)
              the blogging backend bean / session bean code was around 100 lines
              half of them generated setters and getters.