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    Seam compatibility and independence ...

    JB B Newbie

      Dear all,

      I understood testing Seam with latest Glassfish that EJB3 PFD might be pending. As an example of that they have removed javax.ejb.Interceptor


      So when I have tried to run Seam inside Glassfish it ends up with a ClassNotFoundException.

      Any mind around this ?

      By the way, the validation annotation of seam (min, max, regex) are interresting but I as they are part of hibernate domain, I am not sure about what is the dependency of this feature with Hibernate.

      If there is no dependency on the behavior but just the tagging, it would be nice to have a jboss "common" annotation package instead to remove the dependency.
      IF there is a dependency then this must be more clearly explained in seam and it can not be claimed that "Seam unifies the component models of JSF and EJB 3.0" only, and a clear information what are the real dependencies.


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          Marcel Overdijk Newbie

          I agree with this.

          I tried to run JBoss Seam on 1.0 GA on Glassfish.

          I like to use Glassfish' Toplink Essentials as persistence provider because it's out of the box available (this is just for testing, so this easier then dropping another persistence provider with dependencies to other jars).

          As Seam presents itself as JEE 5.0 framework using for example standard EJB3 and JSF it should be easy to develop an app. and deploy to any JEE 5.0 app. server.

          I just want to create a simple app. (even without persistence in the beginning) to test Seam with it's components (e.g. just retrieving some static text from an action). But I miss some clear documentation of what web.xml and faces-config.xml confgiration and dependent jars I need.

          It would be really helpfull to have a have a as simple as possible example app. (like struts-blank) which can be used as starting point, and which runs without a problem in any JEE 5.0 app. server. Clear documentation about how to set this up is also sufficient.


          PS: I really like the idea behind Seam (and also the WebBeans JSR), but for now I have a problem with the depdencies and no clear instruction on how to run a Seam app. in other app. servers then JBoss.

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            Gavin King Master

            1.0.0.GA was supposed to have been compatible with GlassFish, but Roger has found a bug that crept in. I fixed this in CVS and Roger is re-testing. Seam 1.0.1 (due out tomorrow) should fix this problem.

            You can use Hibernate Validator with other JPA providers.

            I agree that it would be nice to have "ant deploy.glassfish" targets for the Seam examples, but that is not right at the top of my todo list right now. Perhaps it is something that Sun folks could contribute.