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    Seam with ANO UIF???

    Steve Fish Newbie

      I'm interested in anyone using SEAM with anything other than a web based UIF. Whilst I don't one anyone to do my job for me, I need to put together an architecture using EJB and Web, SOA etc but have concerns about a generic MVC capbility in the front end.

      I have a vision of being able to re-use both "model" and "controller" elements and tie these in with Workflow. JSF pertains to be "flexible enough" - but a quick search of "seam with swing" gives rise to reams on the fineries of bowling in cricket.

      Is anyone looking to build non-browser based GUI on top of seam, or is it a case of pushing browser based apps to approximate a gui using the kind of "forced feeback" from ajax/dwr and the like?

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          Administrator Administrator Novice

          Many of the concepts of Seam, for example the contexts and bidirectional dependency management, would also apply to a different client. I think this is a natural direction for Seam to grow, but there are no plans at this time.

          Right now Seam 1.0 is very much tied into the JSF processing phases. I think this phase model makes sense for a rich client. However, I'm not sure it makes much sense for a desktop application (two tier).

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            Steve Fish Newbie

            When you say desktop - I wouldn't assume its two-tier. What I have in mind is still multi-tier, just using a different means of getting data to and from. It could be a voice activated front end, could be xml, could be UI, could be web.

            What I'm looking to re-use is the controller and model elements of my MVC app. Workflow would push along the controller(s) where needed.

            I hear what you saying about where Seam is now, and will proceed with expectations set to the appropriate level.

            Thanks "admin".

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              Christian Bauer Master

              Well, I use the term "desktop app" to differentiate two tiers from a three tier architecture. Yes, it was me who posted as the wrong guy.

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                Steve Fish Newbie

                Ah ha.

                I can see where this generalization helps, although we could go on all day about it, frankly you've fully answered my question.

                Thanks Christian, and since I'm just off for my long deserved Christmas break - happy holidays, and all the best for the New Year !!