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    Running noejb tests w/o JBoss?

    Rob Jellinghaus Novice

      So I got SEAM from CVS (the jboss-seam module; Gavin said he uses jboss-seam-head but I'm assuming there's no meaningful difference). I built it and ran the noejb example under Tomcat absolutely the very first time I tried it. Woohoo! Nice one, Gavin et al.!

      Now I'm trying to run the TestNG tests. And I get this:

      C:\robj\dev\seam\jboss-seam\examples\noejb>ant testexample
      Buildfile: build.xml
       [echo] Build Seam on JBoss Hibernate3 Example 1.0
       [copy] Copying 67 files to C:\robj\dev\seam\jboss-seam\examples\noejb\build\test
      C:\robj\dev\seam\jboss-seam\build.xml:176: No sourceDir is specified.
      Total time: 0 seconds
      C:\robj\dev\seam\jboss-seam\examples\noejb>ant -f build.tomcat.xml testexample
      Buildfile: build.tomcat.xml
       [echo] Build Seam on Tomcat Hibernate3 Example 1.0
      C:\robj\dev\seam\jboss-seam\build.xml:171: Reference example.resources not found.
      Total time: 1 second

      So clearly it doesn't really want to work. Should I bother trying to fix these build problems? Or should I not expect the testng tests to work without JBoss? If it's a small amount of work I'll do it, but if it's not, I won't.


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          Gavin King Master

          It should Just Work. Works fine for me. Try updating your CVS snapshot.

          No, JBoss AS is not used by the unit tests.

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            Rob Jellinghaus Novice

            Looks like it was a stale Ant version -- 1.6.0 apparently doesn't recognize the existence of Java 1.5 :-)

            But then I get this:

            [testng] FAILED: org.jboss.seam.test.PhaseListenerTest.testSeamPhaseListenerNewLongRunning()
             [testng] java.lang.NullPointerException
             [testng] at org.jboss.seam.core.Manager.touchConversationStack(Manager.java:118)

            That line is:
            if ( isLongRunningConversation() )
             getCurrentConversationEntry().touch(); // Manager.java:118 NPE

            So why would getCurrentConversationEntry() be null there? And what's bad in my environment? I'm just doing "ant test" in the root jboss-seam directory....

            Will dig a bit more.

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              Gavin King Master

              Ignore that failure, I refactored stuff over the last few days and did not yet fix that unit test. It's just a bug in my mock objects.

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                Gavin King Master

                By the way, to run the example test, you need to type:

                ant testexample

                NOT ant test!

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                  Rob Jellinghaus Novice

                  Yes, I know, I was just trying the toplevel tests as a sanity check (to avoid any issues of the multiple build.xml files). examples / noejb / "ant testexample" works great now :-)

                  I must say it's a pleasure being back on a forum that's got a timely Gavin on it! I was on the Hibernate forums in early 2004 and got a bunch of great responses from you. But then the newbies arrived in force. Here's hoping SEAM doesn't get that popular in the next two months :-)


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                    Gavin King Master

                    An unfortunate thing about user forums is that once the traffic reaches a certain point, it is impossible to really keep up, and the only people who are really able to get attention are the obnoxious ones.

                    Plus, the early adopters tend to be the more patient and considerate, and more able and willing to help solve their own problems.

                    Of course, it also helps that developers tend to be more patient with questions they have not seen 1000 times before, and with suggestions when the tech is still experimental and we havn't fully explored all the options.

                    I really missed the early days of Hibernate, which were truly great fun, and I'm really enjoying the small community we are growing here.

                    The paradox is that we certainly *do* want to see this community grow quickly, even though we will probably bitch and moan when it does ;)