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    NoEJB example: log.info not visible

    Rob Jellinghaus Novice

      When I run the noejb example in Tomcat 5.5, the log.info statements in Seam itself and in the noejb example code do not appear in the Tomcat log (at least, not the log that I see in the standard Catalina window).

      Any tips on getting Seam logging to show up in a Tomcat/noejb deployment?

      This might be more like a JBoss microcontainer question, but I know this forum is much higher signal/noise than any other I am likely to find... but if there's a better place to ask this, please let me know.


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          Gavin King Master

          I think I managed to make it work by just throwing a log4j.properties into resources/WEB-INF/classes.

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            Rob Jellinghaus Novice

            Well, not wanting to litter your nice source tree with my random broken log4j.properties, I instead inserted these lines between lines 113 and 114 of current CVS's build.tomcat.xml:

            <fileset dir="../../microcontainer/conf">
             <include name="log4j.xml"/>

            Actually, what I had was dir="${seam.home}/microcontainer/conf" because my project is in a different relative location to my local CVS copy of jboss-seam. Might be nice to use something like ${seam.home} throughout the examples for this reason....

            In any case, this works like a charm under Tomcat. I'd like to submit a patch for this, since no one likes having to mung with an example to get its logging working. What's the process for that?

            Also Gavin, you chopped out all the info logging in the various noejb example actions. Why??? I personally found it useful and decided not to integrate those changes of yours (I have a personal Perforce server that I'm using to pull your CVS changes into my modified example source in a controlled way).


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              Gavin King Master

              I ditched the logging because I'm really trying to show the simplest possible code, without the noise. Just to show people how simple this stuff (EJB3) is.

              I think it's perfectly reasonable to make that adjustment to the build scripts. But, frankly, right now the build have bigger problems, and I'm not sure I will really be able to clean up all the problems before the release.

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                Rob Jellinghaus Novice

                The tomcat build seems pretty good. What problems do you mean? Anything in the tomcat realm (where I'm living), or is it all jboss related? Anything others can help with?

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                  Gavin King Master

                  The big problems are:

                  (1) Some examples (issues and dvdstore) are living in their own little universe with a totally different directory layout and build.xml to everyone else.

                  (2) Not all the examples have a tomcat build.

                  (3) I should not need a seperate build script for tomcat. It should work like "ant tomcat", and I deploy to tomcat, with most of the needed tomcat build features coming from the main build.

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                    Matthew Edwards Newbie

                    The Ant build scripts aren't too difficult to figure out and work through (if you have the time). The difficult part is knowing what files are needed in which directories. I would like to help with the build scripts.

                    (1) What would be the best way to go about uploading the completed scripts? Is there someone else interested in helping to figure out the best pattern?

                    (2) Which pattern for organizing the folders would you like to use? If you could outline a folder structure, I could do the rest (using as much as possible from the original scripts of course).

                    (3) Do you want to use XDoclet or something like it to build some of the configuration files?

                    I think there are a bunch of people who would really like to help out on this project. Many of us have been following it for some time now and have built projects around Seam that we would like to share with others. Is it possible to setup some way for us to share and collaborate and discuss Seam implementations? I think Seam is going to be huge--not because a lot needs to be developed for it, but because it solves huge problems with very simple ideas. Congratulations to the brains behind it (who probably don't think its so simple).

                    Last thing, I would like to work on the documentation. Can I do that in the Wiki? And do you mind if I cut and paste stuff from the forums and from the current Seam documentation to do so?


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                      Gavin King Master

                      Thanks! :-)

                      (1) I don't follow? JIRA?

                      (2) Basically like the booking example, but with a minor change:


                      (3) No, it's just going to confuse people. They can only learn so many things at once.


                      Please contribute whatever you like to the wiki, we need to get more stuff up there. But note that the actual ref manual is done in docbook, so if you want to make changes to that, you need to submit patches to the docbook templates in the doc/reference/en/modules directory in CVS.

                      Are those satisfactory answers?

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                        Matthew Edwards Newbie

                        It doesn't look like I will have time to work on the Ant scripts before your next release...but maybe someone out there does.

                        Nevertheless, there are a few things I would like to contribute to the wiki, in time.

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                          Gavin King Master

                          No problem, I hope to get all the cleanups done for 1.0 final, never expected to get that stuff into beta 2.