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    Joined Conversations

    drapierwimATgmailDOTcom Newbie

      I don't understand the joined conversation not well in the booking example.

      I see in the HotelSearchingAction a method with @Begin(join=true) this starts a conversation to be joinend with the HotelBookingAction that also starts a conversation, this conversation is terminated with when calling the confirm method. But I don't see when the HotelSearchingAction @End(clear method) is called. Is this done by Seam when the hotelBookingAction @End(confirm) is called?

      So for now I have this in my head...

      @Begin(join=true) start a conversation that can be used in other conversations, if this conversation is not ended a new one can not be started without getting an exception, right?

      @Begin(nested=true) starts a conversation but needs another conversation that already must have started, right?

      @End ends a conversation like usual, but are joinend conversations also ended?