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    JBpm Pageflow - Decision property lookup handling


      Hi All

      I am working of the current CVs as of today, and I am wondering whether what I have encountered is the desired behaviour:

      I am using the jbpm pageflow, with a decision handler :

      <decision name="DefineContracts" expression="#{createSiteWizard.defineContracts}">
       <transition name="yes" to="Contracts">
       <action expression="#{createSiteWizardContracts.create}" />
       <transition name="no" to="DefinePlots"/>

      when the el evaluates the expression it assumes defineContracts is a property in my Stateful Seam managed bean (it is actually just a method). I would imagine that we would like to use either a property or a method (as long as it returned a String) for a decision using the faces context varaiables (of which Seam is a sub class variable resolver).

      Crazily enough I had this running a few days ago on CVS version of Seam, so imagine something has been clarified/changed recently that directly affects this?

      Many thanks for your reply.