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    Nested Conversations


      Hi All / Gavin

      I have been trying to use nested conversations, where I have one conversation context variable (createSiteWizard), which indirectly (via JPDL page flow) goes to a page where it creates a createSiteWizardContract conversation context variable (which I placed as @Begin(nested=true)). I wish the createSiteWizard to outlast the createSiteWizardContract. When I finish the page I call the @End method of the createSiteWizardContract SFSB, but this seams to destroy also the createsitewizard SFSB.

      Any ideas , am I using nested beans unnecessarily.

      Many thanks,


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          Gavin King Master

          What you are trying to do is conceptually correct. @End destroys the current most-nested conversation and pops the stack.

          The only way you would destroy the outer conversation is if you had switched back to the context of the outer conversation using workspace management or the back button.

          Without seeing your code I can't say much beyond that...