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    Advice - multiple views into seam webapp

    Martin Henderson Newbie

      Hi folks,

      Looking for a bit of advice here... I have a nice seam based webapp thats used internally in an office to manage lists of property... however there is a thought to make a read only view of the data available to the public. There is also potential to let the public register properties on the internet site and provide a more detailed view to the users who own the registered property.

      Was thinking:

      1) provide a different link to start the app that brings a user to a front page, then let them login or search from there then possibly use a phaselistener to control the navigation somehow?

      2) wrap some form of interceptor or annotation around method calls to check what sort of user it is and if they're logged in or not and control the navigation like that?

      Any advice appreciated folks, hope you can help.

      Thanks in advance,