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    Transaction manager not bound with embedded-ejb container &

    Andrew Apprentice

      I am still unable to get the seam extended persistence manager working with the embedded ejb container in tomcat.
      Output on startup:

      INFO 23-01 21:22:12,414 (SettingsFactory.java:buildSettings:283) -Default entity-mode: pojo
      INFO 23-01 21:22:12,557 (SessionFactoryImpl.java::153) -building session factory
      INFO 23-01 21:22:13,391 (SessionFactoryObjectFactory.java:addInstance:82) -Not binding factory to JNDI, no JNDI name configured

      I have specified the 'org.jboss.seam.core.init.managedPersistenceContexts' and the 'entityManager.persistenceUnitJndiName' in the web.xml

      I have specified the "jndiName" as set to the data source in the jboss-beans.xml.

      I have set the 'jta-data-source' tag, and the "jboss.entity.manager.factory.jndi.name" property in the persistence.xml.

      What else can there possibly be? I am just about ready to give up on seam altogether and use Shale or have to run jbossAS which I REALLY don't want to do (for a relatively small site, JBoss is major overkill and takes way too long to start and debug on).

      Can the issues example be configured to work on tomcat with the embedded container, or can the booking example be changed to use seam managed persistence managers? I am shocked to see that most of the examples don't use the extended manager, as the reasons mentioned in the reference documentation seem to make the point that seam managed persistence should always be used (for lazy loading for example).

      A full solution would be very greatly appreciated (examples of all the configuration files) unless you know for sure what is wrong.

      Sorry once again for the hassle, but there is no documentation on using the seam extended persistence manager that I can use to learn from except for the issues example which is not setup for any platform but JBossAS.

      Thank you very much