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    Questions on  JBoss/Seam enterprise app architecture.

    Cloves Almeida Newbie

      (since this post has concerns on both EJB3 and SEAM, it has been cross-posted)

      Our company is planning to replace a large portion of it's ERP system (currently is mainframe COBOL/ISAM indexed flat files based - doubt most younglings know what this is :). As you might guess, system is pretty unmaintainable and we if we don't change this situation, will get behind our competitors.

      After a few months looking for technologies that will fit our needs and hopefully won't die in the next month, J2EE (specially with the EJB3 simplification) seems to be winning. The much I've been playing Seam made me think of it as a good candidate for the controller layer.

      So, are the questions:

      A) I want to have multiple applications interacting with the same Entity Beans (an ?Order? bean should be accessible from the ?Manufacturing? app and the ?Sales Mgmt?, a ?User? bean should be accessible everywhere). What's the best approach so I don't have to deploy the same .ejb3 containing User over and over?

      (Why not using a single big application? I don't want to redeploy my entire application when doing and testing minor changes. One big massive .ear? Nah... The linux-kernel created modules for a good reason).

      B) Will Seam access (and resolve for JSF) Entity Beans when they are defined outside the application but within the same JVM?

      C) Since 70% of the application is mostly a ?web database front-end with few tweaks? (the rest is workflows and infra-structure), is there a JSF (or Facelets) ?autoform? widget that nicely displays a bean and CRUD related components needing very little information from the developer? (Hum... why am I thinking of Rails?)

      I know this is not the best forum for the last question, but, if anyone knows...

      Anyways, Seam looks very promising and the conversation context is a great idea!

      C. J.