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    Is it difficult to debug

    smichea Newbie

      I coded the Registration example and obtain the correct form but when
      I subit, I obtain an exception whose origin is "jobss-seam-registration not bound".
      I understand that Jboss did not manage to find the EJB that contain the register method.
      How can we debug such a situation ?
      Also could you explain how works this binding, I imagine that you parse classes and detect those with seam annotation, but how does this work ?

      Many thanks,

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          smichea Newbie

          I found that the problem was in the web.xml file, in the JNDI name pattern for JBOSS, i had to change the name of the web application to reflect the one i defined in the application.xml.

          Now it works and I added a dataTable to display the list of users (based on the messages example).
          But now I'm struggling with the following exception:

          According to TLD or attribute directive in tag file, attribute value does not accept any expressions

          that is throw when compiling my JSP at the following line:
          <h:dataTable var="usersvar" value="${users}" rendered="#{users.rowCount>0}">

          I read on the net that this is because of refering old version of the taglibs, but i used what is provided by the example.

          Any help would be appreciated, I really have no clue here

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            smichea Newbie

            Ii was a simple typo:

            "michea" wrote:

            had to be replaced by value="#{users}" ...

            The exception message does not give any clue.

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              Gavin King Master

              Well, the exception message is coming from MyFaces or JSP, so not really much we can do to improve that.