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    Hot Redeployment

    Ajay Halmandge Newbie

      Hello Guys!!

      Well my problem is related to hot redelopyment.Means deploying the application with out restarting the jboss.At any case now i cant restart the jboss server, as i am running JBOSSMQ too, where i am storing real time data in the database daily(24x7).Hope you can understand the scenario.
      Now i needed to run/deploy the application programmes(servlet,jsp,beans etc),which is stored is jboss-tomcat50.sar/ROOT.war/ .
      What i do is modify the required java(servlet,bean..) file ,compile it ...but when i access/run them will not able to see the changes ,which i made.
      I have gone thru many of the articles and all but no use.
      Please help me regarding this......I hope many of ,like me facing the same problem.
      Thanks in advance

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          Shane Bryzak Master

          You need to be packaging your application into an ear or war file, and deploying that inside the deploy directory. JBoss will automatically deploy your app from here, so when you want to release an updated version just copy it over the top of the old one and JBoss will detect it has been modified and re-deploy it. You shouldn't be putting anything in the jboss-tomcat50.sar/ROOT.war/ dir.