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    Jpdl Pageflow begginning on @Create method

    js8523 Novice

      Hi All

      I have a SFSB which has a create method which I have annotated as such:

      @Begin(join=true, pageflow="createReservation")
      public String create() {
       log.info("create: Initlialised in Conversation Context");

      However if I use faces-config.xml to navigate to the page the padeflow does not start, but if I just type in the web address the pageflow starts. I know this because I have placed an action in the start of the pageflow which prints a debug statement out.

      Is this the desired behaviour and should I be doing something else, it just seems perculiar that it should work one way and not the other.

      Thanks for any help,


      P.S the create method returns a non string, so the begin method should be working correctly, i just think there is a nuiance when the page is navigated to thorugh faces-config.xml navigation entry.

      The navigation entry looks like this.