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    Alternative solution. f:selectItems that use values backed b

    Dan Liu Apprentice

      When your jsf page needs to use values backed by an entity, here is how I do it in a simple way by writting a custom tag. All I need to do in jsf is declare it like this:
      <x:xSelectItems value="#{myEntity.booklist}" xLabelMethod="getTitle" xValueMethod="getId" />

      or like this if your list is a type of string:
      <x:xSelectItems value="#{myEntity.booklist}" xLabelMethod="toString" xValueMethod="toString" />

      you then write a UI component which extends UISelectItems and it has a method to convert your data list to SelectItem:
      private List convertToSelectItems(List a_List,
      String labelString, String valueString) throws Exception {
      List result = new ArrayList();
      for (Object item : a_List) {
      Method labelMethod = item.getClass().getDeclaredMethod(labelString);
      Object label = labelMethod.invoke(item);
      Method valueMethod = item.getClass().getDeclaredMethod(valueString);
      Object value = valueMethod.invoke(item);

      result.add(new SelectItem(value, label.toString()));

      return result;

      This way, you don't have to do anything with your entity bean. Hope it's helpful for you.