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    Seam "binding" question

    Burr Sutter Master

      I'm trying to bind my JSF component to not my top-level entity bean but one that is joined to it. My tables basically have a 1 to 1 relationship therefore I've built 2 entity beans however I want a single form to be able to edit/insert both records at the same time.

      I was thinking something like this would work:
      <h:inputSecret id="password" required="true" value="#{account.signon.password}" />

      account has a reference to signon (with getters/setters) and password is a property of the signon entity.

      Should that work in a Seam world? I believe this was a technique that I picked up in the Struts days.

      The user receives an error that basically says:
      "password": Error during model data update.