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    Problem with pageflow

    John DeStefano Apprentice


      I'm having a problem with my pageflow. When I invoke to annotated begin method the pageflow does not happen. The same page I was just view is redisplayed.

      My page flow file looks like this:

      <pageflow-definition name="encounterfind">
       <start-state name="start">
       <transition to="encounterlist"/>
       <page name="encounterlist" view-id="/view/encounterlist.xhtml" redirect="true">
       <transition name="encounterlist" to="encounterlist"/>
       <transition name="encounterdetail" to="encounterdetail"/>
       <transition name="bookinglist" to="bookinglist"/>
       <page name="encounterdetail" view-id="/view/encounterdetail.xhtml">
       <end-conversation />
       <page name="bookinglist" view-id="/view/bookinglist.xhtml">

      My bean class looks like this:

      @Conversational(ifNotBegunOutcome = "logout")
      public class AddFindEncounterAction implements AddFindEncounter, Serializable {
      @Begin(join=true, pageflow="encounterfind")
       public String start() {
       System.out.println("In findencounter.startAdd");
       System.out.println("In findencounter.startAdd before return");
       return "encounterlist";

      I know the method executes as I see the output in the log.

      I have added the following to my web.xml and included the jbpmXX.jar file in my ejb jar file.

       <!-- 120 second conversation timeout -->
       <!-- Global JNDI name pattern for JBoss EJB3 (change for other servers) -->

      The are no error in the log file. I do see a message that jbpm is starting:

      [JbpmConfiguration] using default jbpm configuration with minimal services enabled. to enable persistence services, provide a jbpm.cfg.xml on the root of the classpath. see userguide, chapter 'Configuration'
      23:26:12,339 INFO [Initialization] done initializing Seam

      Any thoughts would be appreciated.