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    Speed up development?

    Bernhard Hurzeler Novice

      How is it possible to speed up development so that I don't have to deploy all EJBs if I only work on the JSF pages?

      I guess I am looking for a recepie how to depoy the war file seperate from the jar file ie not in an ear.

      Thanks for your help.

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          js8523 Novice

          Far more complicated:

          A deploy changes only type mechanism within the jboss app server, which only passes the changed files to the seam scanner (which then does its magic), only changing the components that have been added/deleted/edited.

          This would improve the performance tremendously.

          Of course this is a major change in the underlying jboss app server(if possible) and would not apply to other app servers.

          Any thoughts on the crazy idea?


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            M R Newbie

            you can deploy a so called "exploded" ear file - just unzip the ear file and deploy it as a directory with the same name as the zipped ear-file !

            then you can directly make changes in your jsp/jsf/html/... files - but don't forget to move your changes back into your development-tree - because its lost if you redeploy ... enhancement is possible with links in linux - thus you can integrate the jboss-deploy-ear-directory into eclipse and have a nice development feature ...

            maybe jboss-eclipse-ide supports some of these features, too - i don't know, because I am not using it due to memory-problems 1GB is still not enough for development ;-)

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              Max Rydahl Andersen Master

              memory-problems with jbosside ?! Please let me know about that.

              (you do know that eclipse runs with the default jvm memory allocated so if you want to give it more memory than 64 meg then you need to use command line flags)

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                M R Newbie

                I haven't tried it for over a year now! Maybe its fixed already. The problem was: when redeploying several times a huge ear-file you get this nasty OutOfMemoryException - tried everithing with Xms,Xmx, PermSpace etc. but nothing helped. So in the ide it had the effect that also eclipse-memory was growing and growing and growing. You could "sometimes" restart jboss but memory was gone ...
                Its simpler to restart jboss outside the ide than starting the ide itself ... thus I stopped using jboss-ide integration and moved over to remote debugging ...

                maybe I shoud give it a try again ;-)

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                  Max Rydahl Andersen Master

                  would at least be very nice to get a jira report if you can still reproduce it!

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                    M R Newbie

                    as far as i know there is a running jira entry for the OutOfMemoryProblems JBAS-1319. If this on is fixed - I assume also the ide will have no problems any more ...

                    I will try it as soon as i have a little bit more time

                    cheers - for all the good things we get from jboss-group !!!