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    h:commandLink and h:panelGroup

    Marco Luca Buschini Newbie

      perhaps I am missing something trivial, but I searched the forums as well as Google for a solution to this problem and didn't find any clue.

      I have a simple application that shows a tree (using Tomahawk's tree2 component and some EJB3 components): when the user clicks on a node he gets some details, when the node is a leaf the user gets also a link for more details.

      The page structure is as follows:

      +panelGroup (3, conditionally rendered)
      ++commandLink (only in the "leaf" panelGroup)
      +commandLink (the same as above, copied out of the panel for testing).

      The two commandLinks have action="test1" where test1 navigates to a simple JSF that prints "Hello".

      Now everything works fine except for the two commandLinks: the one inside the panelGroup simply reloads the page and clears the variable containing the object selected in the tree (so no panel groups are displayed anymore), while the other jumps to the "test1" view (losing any parameter I might have passed to the commandLink).

      I also tryed to throw an exception invoking an action method instead of using a fixed string, but the method isn't invoked as the exception isn't thrown.

      Nothing happens in the logs except for Hibernate queries and a:

      16:46:00,125 ERROR [DebugUtils] javax.faces.FacesException: Could not get property rowAvailable of component _id3:_id36

      16:46:00,126 ERROR [DebugUtils] javax.faces.FacesException: Could not get property rowCount of component _id3:_id36

      that appears the first time the inner commandLink is clicked.

      I am using JBoss 4.0.4RC1, Seam beta2, and MyFaces (I tryed both 1.1.0 and 1.1.1).

      I do not even know how to further investigate the problem, but I am quite sure I am missing something obvious.

      Any help will be apprecieated!