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    Module level conversations

    blalls asdsd Novice

      Sorry for duplicate posting Gavin, but I really need your advise. I decided to implement such an aproach for my current project. What do you think about it? Is it feasible?

      We need a model of conversation to handle various modules in the application and also nested modules. When entering a submodule I want the user can access the parent modules menu ( to avoid the back button ) in the same page when he was working with the child module. There could be anu level of modules in the applicaiton, from complete seperate modules to simple CRUD object modules.
      It will be very good to have this navigation model and at the same time avoid having lots of objects in the conversation scope.
      I am suggesting this model to handle such a navigation:
      every conversational SB could have a conversation name, and a parent conversation assigned to it. In case of invocation of a @Begin method, if the current conversation name equals the SB's conversation name it simply joins the conversation, if it is not the framework will start going up in the current conversation stack to find a conversation wich name is the SB's parent conversation name, then swap to that conversation and nest a new conversation with the SB's conversation name. If no matching conversation found it could redirect to ifNotBeginOutCome with throwing a ParentConversationNotFoundException.
      There is also a special TopLevel keyword for top level modules wich will start a whole new conversation. And also unnamed SBs keep working as is.

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          Gavin King Master

          Well, there is no support for this special stuff in Seam at the moment, and it is not on my roadmap. So if you are able to implement it yourself, sure, good luck, but I cannot tell you is that feasible or not...

          However, I do not see Seam's conversation support as a solution for hierarchical navigation. I think you should find a different solution for navigation (you don't need conversations for that, ad hoc navigation should be stateless).