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    Problem with Jbpm/Seam integration.

    Jamie Cruise Newbie

      It seems that the jbpmConfiguration member variable is initalised lazily inside the org.jboss.seam.core.Jbpm class - which is good.

      However the initialisation only occurs inside the installProcessDefinitions method, *if* there is a context parameter that specifies a process to deploy.

      This leaves the jbpmConfiguration member unitialized in other circumstances.

      My application (like the JBPM sample app) allows the user to upload process definitions at runtime and so I don't preload any particular definition.

      Therefore bad things happen when I try and use the jbpmContext component with it's unitialised jbpmConfiguration member variable.

      This problem could be fixed by moving the lazy intialization of the jbpmConfiguration to the getJbpmConfiguration method.