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    java faces and seam

    chris Newbie


      Being new to seam and javafaces I need some pointers, or an example of how would I go about having a table whose columns are dynamic and are drop downs (<h:selectOneMenu) EG:

      ______ ______ _______ ____
      |aaa \/||bbb \/ ||ddd \/| |Add|
      -------- --------- ----------
      bbc ccc eee
      zzz www rrr

      Hitting the add button would run an action class to insert the selected values in the drop downs.

      I am also not sure how to set the converters for each drop down.

      Any clues, examples appreaciated.

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          Carlos Duarte Newbie

          The tomahawk faces library has examples on how to make tables with dynamic columns.

          For the selectOneMenu, you just need to bind it to a

          List<SelectItem> getxxxList()

          <h:selectOneMenu id="xxx" required="false" value="#{yourBean.xxx}">
           <f:selectItems value="#{yourBean.xxxList}"/>