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    Dynamic Pageflow with Seam

    Raghu Govindaraj Newbie

      I am trying to put a prototype to give our users/admistrators complete control over the navigation of the pages in our application. Our initial architecture called for a uber-controller (with a custom PDL) that will do the navigation control, but since seam supports jPDL we want to use it.

      I am having little success in dynamically loading the Pageflow defenitions. I am currently using a APPLICATION scope component to retrive the jbpm context and set its pageflow.

      public class NavigationSelector {

      @In(create=true, value="org.jboss.seam.core.jbpm")
      private Jbpm jbpm;


      public String applyNavigation() {

      jbpm.setPageflowDefinitions(new String[]{currentChoice});
      return null;



      Then i redirect it to a page which would create my pageflow component and take control from there.

      Is it possible to this in seam, if yes, where am I going worng?

      Thanks in advance,