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    redirection problem

    Thorsten Kunz Novice

      hi there,

      I have a little issue with dynamic redirection from within my component.

      In my component I construct the following URL


      and try to redirect the client like this
      HttpServletResponse response = (HttpServletResponse)facesContext.getExternalContext().getResponse();
      try {
      } catch(IOException e) {

      Now everything seems to work but one little annoying thing. Seam seems to append "?conversationId=5" to the redirected URL and that wracks the application on the other side.

      How can I prevent Seam from doing this or at least make it append its parameter with a "&" and not a "?"?

      TIA, Thorsten

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          Gavin King Master

          Heh, funnily enough I fixed the ? -> & problem earlier today and already committed it to CVS.

          Right now there is no way to get rid of the conversationId parameter except by removing the SeamRedirectFilter from web.xml.

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            Thorsten Kunz Novice

            hm, what is that thing actually good for? ok well besides redirecting stuff. ;) Whats the impact if I'd turn it off? Is it just appending the conversationId to all kinds of URLs?

            btw: can't tell you guys how much I appreciate your extremly fast responses all the time! Big big thanks for that! :) Without knowing that Gavin & Co. read and reply faster to posts then I can type I wouldn't have decided to use Seam in a production system with lots of customers on it.