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    "cannot combine create=true with explicit scope on @In" ?

    eekboom Newbie

      I don't get this. Why not?
      Isn't it as easy as
      "look into that particular scope, if not found then create and assign variable"?

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          Gavin King Master

          Explicit scope only makes sense when you don't have a Seam component mapped to that context variable.

          So if we don't have a component, how should Seam create the value?

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            eekboom Newbie

            Ah, I see.
            Just use the default constructor of the type of the variable and only print an error if there is none?

            I was simply trying to store an Integer.
            In my case it's not that important, as the variable is definitly accessed on the java side before used in JSF, so I can created it myself.

            Anyway: The error message does not tell about the real problem. It should better be something like "create = true is illegal if no annotated seam component is defined. Need to know the class to instantiate."

            All in all its not that important to me.
            But it's another inspection for my idea plugin (hope to release the first version in about two weeks).