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    Classloading issues (Seam/JBPM)

    Uhyon Chung Newbie

      Currently the seam JAR is located in the EAR (and apparently referenced by ejb jar through the class-path attribute in the manifest.mf file). So I followed the seam example, and first put the JBPM jar in the ear and tried to have it referenced by the ejb jar the same way. Unfortunately, this doesn't work, as seam is dependent on the jbpm jar (causes classloader exception). I looked in the examples and found that the JBPM jar is included in the ejb jar itself! The funny thing is it works fine this way, but not when it is in the ear.

      Does this mean that if we have multiple EJB jars, we have to include it in every EJB jar? Or is there any other way? One solution that works is to merge the SEAM jar and the JBPM jar in a single jar, which isn't the best solution IMHO.

      Furthermore, as Seam references the JSF jars, the JSF jars cannot be located in the .war/lib. Of course it works because the JSF jars are in tomcat...sar/jsf-libs directory, which is loaded in the global classloader (or so I think... might be wrong...)

      I think there needs to be a more elegant solution...