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    Is it possible to lazy fetch DataModel collection?

    Chris Hane Novice

      In the seam-issues example on the editIssue.jsf, the commentsList data model is used. If I remove this section, whenever this view is generated, the list is still fetched from the database.

      Is it possible to seutp a @DataModel to fetch lazily when not used on a view?

      We have cases where we would like to reuse the same SFSB with the only difference being which relationships (expressed as Lists/Sets) are shown to the user.

      A specific example is: a Person as a relationship to Addresses and Payments. One part of the system allows for viewing a Person with their Addresses and another part views a Person with their Payments.

      We can use the same SFSB except in both cases BOTH relationships would be retrieved (even though both are not used on the GUI). For the time being we have created sub-classes of our SFSB that contain the relevant @DataModel attribute.

      Just curious if this possible...