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    would you change examples libs layout

    Xiang Qinxian Newbie

      Congratulations to you jboss.
      I'm happy to working with FC5 or FC6 and Jboss-*.
      Ok, there are 2 points:
      1, <h:form> tag missing at seam examples/hibernate/view/template.xhtml:

       Welcome #{user.name}
       | <h:commandLink action="main">Search</h:commandLink>
       | <h:commandLink action="password">Settings</h:commandLink>
       | <h:commandLink action="#{logout.logout}">Logout</h:commandLink>

      2, would you change examples lib file layouts to make all lib share to all examples but every one.
      If I test facelets with jsf-ri 1.2 for all examples
      I need copy five jars to every example's lib directory, toooooooooooo steps,
      ok maybe I can change a little with build.xml, but that make me not synchronized with cvs repository.
      So making change lib is a good choice, for me, for all, and for disk space:)